Our 3-part process

We call our enrolment process Enrol-1-2-3 as there are three key parts to what we do to ensure long term success for each of our schools.

  • Part 1 Campaign Plan

    As part of the campaign planning process we do the following:

    • Confirm the number of students the school can enrol in the short, medium and long term
    • Prepare the strategy and plan on how to position and package the school for success
    • Work out what resources will be needed to do this successfully
    • Create any marketing and information tools required in Chinese and/or other languages
    • Confirm the key countries and key cities to conduct recruitment campaign in
    • Use a multi-channel recruitment campaign via agents and direct to parents and students
  • Part 2 Agent Management

    We work closely with a network of small to medium size agents in China and elsewhere – including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Vietnam – and do the following:

    • We manage the agent relationships closely so that quality students are recruited to your school
    • We travel to China to establish and develop the agent relationships – and to meet parents and answer their questions on the appropriate WA school for their child
    • We host marketing events in China in support of agents and to meet parents and students
  • Part 3 PR Management

    An important part of our process is ongoing PR management. This includes:

    • The management of the WeChat channel for our schools – WeChat has over 700 million users in China and covers a wide range of functions and services
    • We also provide ongoing parent support, including regular communication and maintain the relationship with them
    • Plus we provide further study support to the international students and career counselling


Another important part of our process is what we do after the student is enrolled.

This includes:

Assistance with HomeStay, if not boarding at the school.

Guardianship services to students who are under 18 years old.

On call service to students, parents and schools in case of any emergency.